Don't be that guy: Three types of valentine even cupid would disapprove.

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When it comes to romance, let’s face it: not everyone has the wherewithal – not to mention the musical accompaniment – to be this guy. That said, most of us do aspire to put our best foot forward, and sometimes making that happen is all about knowing what not to do. Below are three painfully stereotypical Valentines no one wants to be.

1. The Predictable Valentine
You’re well beyond the dinner and a movie standard; it’s time to step up your gift-giving game, too. Electric razors, monogrammed pilsner glasses, pedicures, perfume – they’re all high atop the generic go-to gift list, and they all have one thing in common: they’re boring. They’re the romantic equivalent of your grandmother sending you socks and underwear for Christmas; practical, sure, but not much else. Show that you can be inventive and thoughtful by incorporating some personality into your gesture. He’s a Star Wars fan? How about some Yoda Golf Club Covers? Seriously, though, who doesn’t love Star Wars?

2. The Coupon Book Valentine
This is the gift that says, “I’m banking on your never cashing these in.” Initially these so-called Love Coupons were a favorite among the creative types; charming mostly because they were personal and required a bit of effort on the part of the giver. Alas, recipients were bamboozled. All around the country thousands of these duplicitous little books are collecting dust in some forgotten corner, presumably hidden by their very creators. The jig is up. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that no one is getting to see Newsies without listening to complaint, no one is enjoying a week’s worth of foot rubs, and – for sure – no one is vetoing Downton Abbey to watch the Heat game instead. Sorry, folks.

3. The Phone-It-In Valentine
We’ve all done it. Two hours before you’re supposed to spend the evening charming your partner into a romantic stupor, you set out to make that drugstore dash. You wade through a sea of elbows, choking on air that’s thick with the frustration of men who are about to be single, only to walk away with a somewhat creased greeting card and one of those Russian roulette chocolate samplers. Don’t. Just don’t.

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