Things that are celebrated usually mark a special milestone in life. Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, etc. are small unforgettable moments for which people gather to share in the joy. One of the most special parts of these events are the sweets. Cakes have been presented at these celebration as a way to make the recipient feel honoured and congratulated. This is why we do what we do. Here at Enchanting Creations, we specialize in custom designer cakes for any occasion. We not only bring an artistic out of the box décor but we also try to make each order cater to the guest of honor. The feeling a cake portrays is such an important part of the artistry and experience. Now, no experience would be complete without a delicious tasting cake! Our Head designer and owner, Karen Matamoros, worked very hard to create a taste, texture, moisture combination, that was different from other local offerings, and that could be made in an array of unique fresh flavors. She used her love for chemistry and art to create recipes with fresh fruits and nutty extracts, making sure to offer variety from vanilla simplicity to nougat cake with bourbon, dulce de leche, chocolate ganache and pecans. There is something for every palate. If you feel like cake is passe, we also have other unique offerings such as cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, pastries and savory treats which cake all be altered to your theme of color palette. We even offer an ice cream cart with homemade ice cream which we’ll set-up at your event. All this to make sure your event is as special and memorable as you always dreamed.

Intricate • Elaborate • Applique

At the heart of Enchanting Creations, is a family owned cake shop which started in 2007 and opened its doors in Miami Shores in 2009.

Our tight-knit staff works together to create the best quality product we can and do their best to make every client feel welcomed when they walk through our door. Our team also works with local schools and community in fundraising events. And we partake in alternative education groups, teaching the art of baking, decorating and even business. We grow with the times, and have come a long way since ’07, always remembering why we do what we do.

Karen Matamoros, Chef

How to find us:

Bakery Cafe Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9am - 6pm
Telephone: 305-978-2828
Email: info@enchantingcreations.net
Address: 210 NE 98th Street,
Miami Shores, FL. 33138

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